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Oakley portfolio company programme: ESG webinar

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How to get ahead on sustainability, avoid greenwashing and boost employee engagement.

ESG Webinar

ESG webinar

As part of our portfolio company programme, Oakley recently held an ESG webinar that brought together senior leaders and sustainability experts from across our portfolio companies and wider network to debate the challenges and opportunities of integrating ESG principles into business strategies.

Quote Aga Siemiginowska

ESG and sustainability are strategic priorities for Oakley. We believe that understanding them can de-risk investments and create long-term value.

Aga Siemiginowska

Head of Sustainability Oakley Capital

Aga Siemiginowska, Oakley’s Head of Sustainability, shares her key insights from the lively discussion.

Oakley's commitment to ESG

Our commitment also reflects Oakley’s culture and principles that guide what we invest in, who we partner with, and how we strive to build successful companies in a sustainable way.

If you’re a growth business thinking about how to integrate ESG into your business, here are some key considerations to think about.

IU Group

IU Group – on a path to a net zero future

Set yourself targets

It’s all well and good committing to cutting emissions and boosting diversity in your workforce, but how do you know how well or badly your business is performing?

It begins with understanding where you stand, before agreeing targets to improve your performance.

During the webinar we heard from Oakley portfolio company and education business IU Group, which has embarked on a decarbonisation journey by switching to electric cars, cutting corporate air travel and supporting rainforest preservation in Brazil.

Quote Dr. Iris Pfeiffer

Third party verification lends credibility to our efforts and helps us avoid accusations of greenwashing: our carbon reductions are tangible, and credible

Dr. Iris Pfeiffer

IU Group

Ask an expert

Partnering with an external sustainability consultancy can help you identify solutions. IU worked with DFGE and TUV SUD to identify exactly where its emissions were coming from and how to mitigate them.

During our webinar, IU’s Iris Pfeiffer highlighted another benefit of working with an external partner: ‘Third party verification lends credibility to our efforts and helps us avoid accusations of greenwashing: our carbon reductions are tangible, and credible’.


Alessi – one of Oakley's two B Corp portfolio companies

Get accredited

So far, two Oakley portfolio companies have achieved B Corporation status, which recognises companies that prioritise people and planet alongside profits. We heard from Goodpoint founder Nicoletta Alessi who advises companies on how to win this coveted endorsement: ‘Brace yourself for a 12 month process that will scrutinize your business on governance, workers’ rights, community and environment. Only one in three applicants are successful.’ So why persevere? ‘Our experience shows it can help attracting talent and investors’.

Involve your employees

During the webinar, guest speaker Ben Tuxworth of sustainability consultancy Anthesis shared some statistics that grabbed my attention, including the finding thatalmost 70% of Gen Z say sustainability is important in choosing which company to work on. Growth companies are in a war for talent. One portfolio company told us that involving employees in its net zero strategy through pitching ideas and helping to select carbon offsetting projects has helped support engagement and recruitment.


Embracing ESG and sustainability for the first time can be daunting for any company. Get ahead by getting help, not just from external consultancies, but also by joining organisations such as PRI and iCI. Read up about the latest developments: my go-to source is the FT’s Moral Money newsletter, as well as MSCI’s ESG Now podcast. And leverage your network, including ESG peers at other companies in your sector, city or region.

Aga Siemiginowksa landscape

Aga Siemiginowska – Oakley’s Head of Sustainability

Aga Siemiginowska's focus at Oakley is to support the incorporation of ESG factors into the investment process, and to engage with portfolio companies on ESG topics and projects. Prior to joining Oakley, Aga spent 12 years as an environmental consultant, first at ERM then at Ramboll, before working at Permira as interim Head of ESG.

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