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vLex is a cloud-based legal information subscription platform.



By brother Lluis and Angel Faus

Online library





Global market

Founded by brothers Lluis and Angel Faus and headquartered in London, Miami and Barcelona, vLex provides over two million users with access to an online library of global legal and regulatory information including case law, legislation, journals and dockets from over 100 countries.

vLex’s scalable and smart data ingestion process, coupled with AI-powered search engine functionality makes research and analysis faster and easier, increasing productivity for users. The Company’s diverse customer base includes law firms, universities and law schools, government agencies and corporates across Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Caribbean, and the Americas

vLex has consistently generated double-digit revenue growth in recent years, thanks to strong management, a differentiated product offering and market tailwinds.

The Precedent Map 2

Oakley has a strong track record helping successful, tech-enabled businesses grow, through internationalisation, product optimisation and buy-and-build, both in Spain and abroad. We particularly liked their entrepreneurial ethos and heritage, and look forward to working with the Oakley team as we deliver on our strategic objectives for vLex.

Lluis and Angel Faus

Co-Founders vLex

Our investment

In September 2022 the Origin Fund acquired a majority stake in vLex, in partnership with founders, Lluis and Angel Faus. The investment will support vLex’s management to accelerate their strategic goal of building a cost-effective leader in the fragmented market for legal research, through organic growth and M&A.

Market dynamics

The global LegalTech market is worth $21 billion and growing as legal information users digitalise their business models further and amid the growing complexity and internationalisation of laws and regulations.

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