• Oakley Capital Limited is the appointed investment adviser of the funds managed by Oakley Capital Manager Limited (together the “Oakley Funds”). In respect of Oakley Capital IV, Oakley Capital V and Oakley Capital Origin, Luxembourg Investment Solutions S.A. has been appointed at the Alternative Investment Fund Manager. Oakley Capital GmbH and Oakley Capital S.r.l. provide sub-advisory services to Oakley Capital Limited (together the “Sub-advisers”).
  • Oakley Capital Limited is registered in England and Wales with company number 04091922. Its registered office is at 3 Cadogan Gate, London, SW1X 0AS. Oakley Capital Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK with firm registration number 195029. The Financial Services Register is accessible at http://www.register.fca.org.uk
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  • Oakley Capital S.r.l is an unregulated entity registered in Italy with company registration number 2619387. Its registered office is at Viale Manzoni 38, Milano, 20121.
  • This website is purely for information and marketing purposes. Oakley Capital Limited has prepared the material on this website on the basis of its current views and information available to it, which are subject to change without notice. Whilst Oakley Capital Limited has prepared this information in good faith and on information from sources that it believes to be reliable, it does not make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or sufficiency of any of the information contained in any document or material supplied on this site. In particular, Oakley Capital Limited has not taken into account the specific investment needs or objectives of any person in preparing this material.  All visitors to this website are expressly warned of the requirement to carry out their own due diligence with respect to any investment opportunity related to the Oakley Funds. website users should form their own assessment and take independent professional advice on the merits of investment and the legal, regulatory, tax and investment consequences and risks of doing so.
  • This website is not directed to, nor intended for distribution or use by any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country where the publication or availability of the information set out on this website or such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation. Any person or entity in such jurisdiction or country must not access this website. This website is only directed at persons who (i) are outside the United Kingdom or (ii) are persons falling within Article 19 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 (“Financial Promotion Order”), being persons who have professional experience in matters relating to investments or (iii) persons falling within Article 49 of the Financial Promotion Order, being persons who are larger companies, larger unincorporated associations, larger partnerships or high value trusts (all such persons together being referred to as “Relevant Persons”). Any information on this website is directed only at Relevant Persons and must not be acted on or relied on by persons who are not Relevant Persons. Persons of any other description in the United Kingdom may not receive and should not act or rely on any information in this website. To the extent that a Relevant Person chooses to invest in any of the Oakley Funds, all investment decisions should be based on the respective private placement memorandum and relevant legal documentation provided at the time of investment, which in respect of all relevant geographies, shall detail the terms of the offering and applicable investor exemptions.
  • Oakley Capital Limited is instructed by the Oakley Funds to provide Oakley Capital Manager Limited with advisory services. Neither of Oakley Capital Limited nor the Sub-advisers shall provide any advisory services to any person other than Oakley Capital Manager Limited or Oakley Capital Investments Limited in relation to the terms of any transaction. Nothing on this website constitutes or forms part of or shall be construed as or is intended to be construed as:
    • an offer or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any investments or securities in any jurisdiction or engage in any other transaction
    • an invitation, inducement or offer to any person to engage in any investment activity or to acquire, dispose of or underwrite any investments or securities or to exercise any rights conferred by such investments or securities or to receive any investment services or as a communication of such invitation, inducement or offer
    • any direct or indirect offering or placement, at our initiative or on our behalf, of units or shares of any Oakley Fund advised by us;
    • an offer of solicitation in relation to any company included on this website; and
    • financial, investment, legal, professional, tax or other advice and shall not be taken as such by any use of the website.
  • Past performance is not a guarantee, projection or prediction and is not necessarily indicative of future results. The ability to achieve successful results depends on a number of factors, and the past performance of the Oakley Funds and the investments on which Oakley Capital Limited has advised may not necessarily be repeated.
  • References to “IRR” and references to “Money Multiple” are respectively to the “Gross IRR” and “Gross Money Multiple”. For the purposes of this website, the IRR or Money Multiple, respectively, is calculated at investment level, and thus does not take into consideration the payment of applicable management fees, carried interest, taxes, transaction costs, and other expenses to be borne by investors in the relevant Oakley Fund or by the relevant Oakley Fund.
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