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Seedtag: building advertising solutions for a cookieless future

Oakley Capital
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Seedtag Co-Founder Jorge Poyatos: creating the world’s leading contextual advertising platform in Europe and LATAM


About the business

Seedtag creates contextual, pro-privacy advertising solutions for global brands. This is increasingly important as cookies, once the backbone of online advertising, are phased out. With clients across Europe and Latin America, Seedtag recently launched in the US to tap into the world’s largest advertising market, and acquired KMTX (previously Kemantics), a French company dedicated to building AI models to optimise and automate performance campaigns.

Key facts

Global advertising market

$800+ bln

Seedtag provides cookieless solutions

Seedtag's AI tools


Articles analysed a minute

Seedtag's global media partners


Audience of unique users

A global advertising market that is experiencing profound change

Concerns about data privacy mean brands need to change their advertising strategies, relying less on cookies to track consumers on the internet, and incorporating pro-privacy measures that add to the user’s online experience. So-called contextual advertising solutions help brands to better sync with consumers’ evolving preferences, delivering digital advertising that is directly relevant to the content that readers are consuming.

In this interview, Seedtag Co-Founder Jorge Poyatos tells us about his global ambitions for the business, and why he and Co-Founder Albert Nieto decided to partner with Oakley Capital.


The goal is to become the number one solutions provider in a cookieless world

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