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TechInsights: a key partner to the semiconductor industry

Oakley Capital
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TechInsights CEO Gavin Carter: creating a critical data and information provider for the semiconductor industry

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About the business

TechInsights is a Content Information Platform for the Semiconductor Market providing unique insights through Reverse Engineering. The business is recognised as the world’s leading provider of advanced technology analysis and intellectual property services, providing content and services to the world’s most successful technology companies

Key facts

Chip market


TechInsights' data underpins investment




Human Capital


Highly skilled engineers and experts

A growing industry that powers our modern world

The $600 billion semiconductor industry is growing as money pours into creating the computer chips that power our modern world. TechInsights supports this investment by providing data and insights that inform investment decisions and protect intellectual property.

In this interview, CEO Gavin Carter tells us what it’s like working with Oakley Capital, and his strategic plans to grow into new sectors including auto and manufacturing.

We’ve moved to a subscription model which allows us to serve a broader market. Oakley’s vision and experience has helped us to get the plan right and then execute it.

Gavin Carter

TechInsights CEO

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