Wishcard Technologies Group

Fund IV

Wishcard is a consumer technology company and one of Europe’s fastest growing gifts and rewards platforms.

Key facts

Gift cards


sold each year

No.1 position


redemption partners and 90k POS



voucher sales growth

Wishcard is Europe’s leading gifts and rewards platform, selling over 9 million multi-brand gift cards a year across its core markets in Europe.

Wishcard Technologies Group

Market-beating approach

The company has experienced phenomenal growth thanks to its market-beating combination of over 500 redemption partners and an omnipresent distribution network.

Wishcard’s exceptional position makes it well-placed to take advantage of a growing global market worth €200 billion today.

Our investment 

Oakley was impressed by the founders Tom Schröder and Valentin Schütt: they were looking for an experienced, entrepreneurial private equity partner to help them build the required structure, processes and professionalisation needed to achieve the next stage of growth.

After tracking the business over several months, we signed a deal to acquire a majority stake in the business in August 2019, partnering with the founders to create a sustainable platform and continue the company’s strong growth and leadership in product innovation.

Market dynamics

The multi-brand gift card market in Germany is expected to grow at over 15% per annum over the coming years as consumers increasingly value the convenience and flexibility that make gift cards an attractive present for many occasions. There are also multiple opportunities for growth, both in the B2B market by building relationships with new corporate partners, as well as internationally through expansion into new geographies.

Our origination network helps us source investments others cannot. Often, we are the first institutional investor in our portfolio companies.

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